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Industrial Ventilation
Industrial Ventilation

A/C Maintenance Brandon FL

Keeping Brandon Cool

In Florida the temperature gets warm, really warm. Failing AC units make home owners swelter and fixing them is often out of their hands. Air conditioner units are complex and repairing them is a difficult task, that’s why Brandon residents call Air Cool A/C Inc. Many inspections consist of a brief Freon level inspection but that doesn’t provide a lasting solution to most A/C problems. Our licensed, professional technicians will come to your home and thoroughly inspect any units that may be affected.

Signs Your A/C Unit Needs Maintenance?

  • Water leaking from your HVAC system may be an indicator of a clogged or disconnected drain line
  • Power cycling AC unit may be a problem with the condenser, evaporator or fan units
  • If the unit appears to be functioning but is not cooling to expected levels it could be an indicator of debris in the condenser, air filter issues, or worn-out refrigerant insulation
  • Chirping or rattling noises coming from the unit may mean that the bearings in the system are dry or that the fan is rubbing against the coils or blower cage. They could also mean that there is an issue with a belt or panel.

Full Service A/C Maintenance

When air conditioners fail or malfunction, especially in the Brandon area, everybody living in that residence becomes uncomfortable. Florida is a warm state and A/C units are necessary for each home. With Air Cool A/C Inc, our expert team has a thorough maintenance checklist and the experience to complete it in a timely and effective manner. When you hear noises or see water around your air conditioning unit, it is time to call in the experts, and when Brandon needs an A/C maintenance expert, they need Air Cool A/C Inc.

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